About Us

Started as a small night club in the Old Town of the ancient city of Ohrid in 2000, now, tens of years later, we are proud to present our development, formation of a brand. Today, Cuba Libre stands for guaranteed satisfaction and quality, no matter if you are on the beach or in the night club. We wish you a wonderful time with us! Enjoy!

About Restaurant Drim

Restaurant Drim, placed in the historic, monumental complex of St. Naum's monastery, has opened it gates in 1986. Since then it has been synonym for tranquility, calmness and great cuisine, especially designed for the sophisticated needs of its guests. Throughout the years, the restaurant has been renovated and constantly decorated and finally in 2009 has become an equal counterpart of the Cuba Libre brand. Today, our restaurant Cuba Libre Drim, is one of the best places to dine and relax when seightseeing in St. Naum. With its capacity of more than 200 seats, Cuba Libre Drim is suitable for every occasion.

Welcome, we are proud to serve you!